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Your vehicle’s suspension system is a key component to your on-road safety, and of course comfort. Made up of many components, including springs, shock absorbers, control arms, bushings, sway bars, ball joints and struts - it only takes an issue with one to compromise your safety.

If you are looking for suspension servicing and repairs in Devonport, Latrobe, Ulverstone, Burnie and Port Sorell, contact us.

When to book a suspension service

The following symptoms can be an indication that your vehicle has a suspension system issue.

  • Vehicle dips forward when braking
  • Excessive bouncing when driving
  • Poor handling around corners
  • Delayed braking response
  • Fluid leaking for the shock absorbers

How to book a suspension service in Devonport

If you notice any of these symptoms, contact The Tyre Solution on (03) 6424 5555 to book a suspension service. Located at 176 Stony Rise Rd, Devonport, our qualified technicians will ensure that your vehicle’s suspension system is in good working order.